Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our First meeting - Swimming

For our first meeting we worked on a recreational activity, Swimming.  It’s still warm enough here in September to take a dip in the pool, so all the girls and a couple moms jumped on in and got started working on their Swimming badge.  Before we jumped in the water we went over basic safety rules for the swimming pool.  We also discussed how to safely help someone who is drowning and how to call for help.
To complete this badge the girls need to be able to:
Tread water for five minutes.
Float for five minutes.
Swim 50 yards free style. (we determined this to be 5 times back and forth in my swimming pool)
Swim the breast  stroke or back stroke.
List three swimming safety rules
Demonstrate how to save another person from drowning.
I broke the girls into two groups, one group worked on treading water while the other group worked on floating.  Five minutes is a long time to tread and float on your back!  The girls were troopers and did their best to last the entire five minutes.
Next, the girls were staggered started to swim the 50 yards free style.  Again, they did a great job accomplishing their goal of going back and forth the pool 5 times. 
I then broke the girls up into groups, depending on their stroke of choice, and they demonstrated either the breast stroke or back stroke.
Before it was time to leave, we reviewed the safety rules and procedure for saving someone who is drowning.
It was a fun afternoon in the pool and all the girls did a great job!

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