Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome Back

We had a great night of swimming and fellowship.  I’m looking forward to another exciting year.

We started our meeting off going over the basics for our new girls.  Memorizing the verse, goal and purpose of Keepers.  I also handed out CD’s I burned of 7 hymns and the lyrics to go along with them.  We will be learning a new hymn every month and singing them when we get together. :)   Next, I handed out gifts to our birthday girls, Anna and Hannah.  Anna’s birthday was over the summer and Hannah’s is this month.  Unfortunately, Rachel and Elizabeth, who were also our birthday girls (Elizabeth in Aug., Rachel this month) were unable to be here, but there bags were given to them a day or so after our meeting.
After the general announcements were over, we headed out to the pool where the girls had fun swimming and munching while the moms enjoyed sitting around chatting.  The looming lightening didn’t deter the girls as they swam.  Once the wind started to pick up and the lightening seemed a little closer (and lower) we got the girls out of the water.  That didn’t stop anyones fun.  The girls just ate and ran around the yard instead, while the moms continued to chat by the pool enjoying the refreshing cool breezes that the storm brought in.
Looking forward to next month where we’re back at my house to play a rousing game (or two) of croquet!  Don’t forget to work on memorizing your hymn for the month, Be Thou My Vision, as well as the verse, goal and purpose of Keepers (found at the beginning of your book).  Also, make sure you bring your Keepers book to every meeting.
I hope you enjoy the few pictures I was able to snap in between all the jumping and swimming. :)

Night shot

Saying Goodnight

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Year!

We’ll be starting our new year this week!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and to welcome some new girls into our group.  Here is our upcoming schedule for the year:

September:  Welcome back swim party

October:  Croquet

November:  Teaching

December:  Tea Party

January:  Ceramics

February:  Miniatures

March:  Latch Hook

April:  Sign Language

May:  Banquet/Awards Ceremony

Praying for you all as we begin our new year full of changes, getting to know each other better and making new friends.

Don’t forget to check back in here periodically for updates and pictures of what we have been doing.  If you have something to add, let me know.  This is a blog for us all to use. 

Make sure to visit often and leave comments!