Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thid Meeting - Candle Making

"She perceiveth that her merchandise is good:  Her candle goeth not out by night."  Proverbs 31:18
For our third meeting we worked on a creative skill, Candlemaking.  To start our meeting we discussed what a candle does for us, it shines light on everything.  When it’s dark, we stumble and fall and hurt ourselves.  I then talked to the girls how Jesus shines a light in our life, lighting a path for us to follow so we don’t stumble along.  I challenged the girls to look in their Bible Concordance for the word "candle" and to come up with at least one verse that pertains to "candles" to share with everyone at the next meeting.  I also gave them a hint that they wouldn’t find the word "candle" in any verses but to find what words were used instead and report back at our next meeting with what they found. 
One of our moms, Terri, then took over and taught the girls about candlemaking.  For our first meeting we worked with poured candles.  We divided the girls up into three groups. 
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
 Each group was able to choose their own candle color and scent.  Terri did a fabulous job explaining the procedure of measuring and cutting the wick to fit each mold and how to properly secure the wick to make it ready for the hot wax. 
Stirring in the scent
The girls first made votive candles.  They then picked a metal mold for a larger, pedestal candle and prepared the wick for this type of candle.  The hot wax was poured into the molds and cooled overnight.  While we were waiting for the wax to get to the correct temperature for pouring, the girls worked on a fire safety sheet as they snacked on brownies and Terri reviewed different safety precautions for burning candles.
Safety sheet
The girls had a blast and the candles turned out beautifully.

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