Monday, May 5, 2008

Week 15 Ice Skating

For our last badge of the season we went ice skating!  We had a variety of skills, from never on the ice before to pretty confident.  After our half hour lesson everyone was standing on their own, knew how to come to a fast stop and could skate backwards!  What an accomplishment. :)   The girls spent the next one and a half hours skating around the rink practicing their skills and having a blast. 
Learning how to fall down
Listening to the instructor
Lesson over, the girls are ready to skate!

Everyone did an absolutely fabulous job skating and passed their badge work with flying colors.  Way to go girls!
To earn the ice skating badge the girls need to:
  • Be able to skate one mile by yourself.  We decided that 10 laps around the rink equaled about 1 mile.
  • Learn to skate backwards and demonstrate to your leader (or Mom).
  • Learn to come to a quick stop without falling or depending on anyone or anything to stop you.

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