Saturday, April 5, 2008

Week 13 Soap Making

For our last meeting we made soap.  One of our Mom’s led the girls in the fine art of soap making and another mom, who wanted to learn how to make soap, was her helper.  Since I was outside with yet another one of the Mom’s helping with the younger siblings, I wasn’t around to get the details of what went on.  I was able to jump in every now and then and snap some pictures so I will share those with you.  Thanks Jen for leading the group in soap making.  The girls enjoyed it, I could tell by their big smiles and excited responses when I asked them. 

Each girl had their own shape mold to make colored and scented soaps.  These molds were theirs to take home.  They also made a conditioning bar and a bar of exfoliating soap.  The larger bars were still cooling at the close of our meeting, so they will be picked up when we meet again.
Bar Soaps
Molded soaps
To earn the Soap Badge the girls need to:
  • Make soap using fragrance and color.
  • Make one body scrub soap.
  • Make one conditioning soap.

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