Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Jen led us in our last badge for the year, Ecology.

She first discussed recycling.  The girls learned why we should recycle and what is considered acceptable to recycle here in our area. Jen had three boxes sitting there, one filled w/ various items and two empty boxes, one representing recyclable goods and the other represented trash.  The girls had to sort through the box of stuff and put the items in the correct box.  After they were finished, Jen went through each item and told the girls whether they were correct or not in regards to where they placed the item.  The girls learned a lot through this lesson and, from what I've heard and observed here at home, have taken the lesson and are applying it at home. :)

After learning about recycling, Jen moved on to biomes and conservation.  The girls broke into groups and worked together w/ their specific biome putting together a poster explaining what their biome was, what type of vegetation and animals you'd find there and what the climate was like.  The girls had a lot of fun working together and putting this together.

Thanks Jen, for a fun and informative evening!

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