Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Foreign Language

Originally we were scheduled to play croquet tonight.  However, the lack of light and hard ground necessitated a quick change for our badge work.  I had the girls come prepared to talk about a foreign language of their choice.  It was fun listening to them as they attempted to say several phrases and recite John 3;16 in their chosen language.
We opened  our evening going through our verse, purpose, goal and prayer.  We then sang our hymn for the month, Be Thou My Vision.  It was so sweet listening to the girls singing the hymn.  We then did a brief devotional on Patience.  We’ll be working through the Keepers character study book on Patience.  Each week we’ll do a little more in the book until we’re through.  By then we should all have patience in every situation, right??? ;-)
Talking about the Country Ecuador
Italian Gals
Talking about Italy
More information about Italy
talking about Norway of course
talking about Tanzania
talking about Germany
After the girls presentations we enjoyed some pumpkin fudge and running around the dark yard. :)
We’re looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks for Christmas cookie dough making!

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